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Tuesday, 31 January 2012



Dove combined fine exfoliants with ¼ moisturising cream to gently remove dull, lifeless skin. It is so mild that it can be used daily, even on your face. In skincare, everyday is everything.


10 basics for beautiful skin

Follow these ten principles of optimum skin care and make your skin as beautiful as it can be.
A Dove Article
Having beautiful skin is not just a matter of heredity (okay, so genes do play a part). Join the gorgeously glowing set by following these simple - but often overlooked - skin care steps.

Scrub the right way. Extremes are bad for your skin. Scrubbing too little will leave you looking dull; too much is, well, too much. Use a mild exfoliating product (avoid ingredients like almond shells, which can be rough on skin). And resist the temptation to scrub too hard: A gentle massaging is all it takes to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation.

Seal in the good stuff. The best time to moisturise is when skin still feels damp - the moisturiser will act as a sealant and help hydrate your skin. So start a habit of moisturising every time you bathe, shower or even wash your hands.

Use sun block - from head to toe. Many people think that basking on the beach for days on end is what causes skin cancer. In fact, the short sun exposure you get every day can also make you susceptible. Use a moisturiser that contains both UVA and UVB protection, and be sure to cover all exposed areas, including hands, forearms, face and ears.

Pamper hands and feet. Your hands are continually exposed to sun and are one of the first areas to show environmental damage. Be sure to wash your hands with a mild cleanser like Dove Cream Bar, followed by moisturiser. To soothe dry, rough feet, slather on a rich moisturiser at bedtime and slip on a pair of socks for intense healing while you sleep.

Plan your next trip. Before stepping on an airplane, drench your skin with moisturising products since re-circulated air tends to dry skin out. And don't forget to bring a bottle of water (or two) on the flight.

Don't be water-resistant. While drinking water won't actually moisturise your skin, it will help your internal organs function properly, which affects your skin's health and beauty. Ditto with exercise.

Find the fat. We're talking monosaturated fats here, which are found in nuts and olive, canola and safflower oils. It's easy to incorporate these fats (which are low in saturated fats) into your daily diet. One tablespoon of oil, a quarter cup of nuts or two tablespoons of peanut butter will do the trick.

Water your air. Just as winter air wreaks havoc on your skin, so does your summer air conditioner. Counteract the drying effects with a humidifier, which puts water back into the air and helps your skin stay moisturised. (Well-hydrated skin looks plumper and more youthful.

Be a sleeping beauty. Your skin reflects both your mental and physical condition, so skimping on shut-eye results in sallowness and more noticeable wrinkles. Listen to doctors, who recommend eight hours a night.

Take a break. A high stress level is bad for your mood and your skin. Treat yourself to at least one relaxing, pampering activity per week, be it a bubble bath flanked by candles, a facial or a movie rental marathon at home.


NIVEA Pure & Natural Body Milk for very dry skin containing pure Argan Oil and organic Jojoba Oil contains no parabens, silicones or artificial colorants. Argan Oil makes dry skin wonderfully soft and supple again. Together, Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil care for and nourish dry skin. They restore the skin’s natural balance and it remains strokably soft all day long. Pure & Natural Body Milk from NIVEA for very dry skin also has a wonderfully delicate and subtle fragrance, making body care an experience for the senses.

Argan Oil is a natural source of vitamin E and therefore has outstanding antioxidant properties. It’s the ideal protection against free radicals in the skin, which can be caused by environmental influences and stress. 
In one application study, testers found that, after using an emulsion with Argan Oil for just three days, their dry, flaky skin had been effectively improved. Oxidative stress in the skin cells was also significantly reduced. 
Jojoba Oil protects and smoothes the skin. It’s also an ideal moisturizer and is rich in minerals and natural revitalizing nutrients and caring ingredients. It gives the skin added moisture protection and makes it pleasantly and velvety soft.


Sunday, 29 January 2012


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Saturday, 28 January 2012


In order to maintain the beauty of your hair and face, eat healthy and take an adequate diet. Drink plenty of water and eat fruits that are enriched with vitamin C. Also include as much proteins in your diet as possible. Green vegetables play an important role keeping your hair iron enriched resulting in hair that is enriched with health and beauty.
There are certain foods that can enhance yourbeauty. For instance apple cider vinegar keeps your skin supple and helps in peeling off dead skin. Carrots prevent pre mature ageing and increase the luminosity of your eyes. All citrus fruits that are enriched in Vitamin C form collagen in your skin which is very instrumental in keeping it soft, tight and glossy. Eating garlic delays early wrinkling and keeps your skin tissues intact. Sweet potatoes again are an excellent anti-wrinkling agent and their intake results in a clearer and smoother skin.
There is no doubt that your skin needs regular cleansing and toning. It is very important that you do a cleansing routine each night before going to bed. Get a good quality cleansing lotion and cleanse your skin with a drop of cleansing lotion on a cotton ball. Move it gently all over the skin to ret on a cotton ball and move the traces of makeup. Now use a toner to tone your skin which has gone through a great deal after the entire day. Apply the toner to the forehead, your cheeks, to the crevices around the nose and the crevices around the chin.
When it comes to maintaining the beauty of your hair it is important that you get it cut after sensible intervals in time. Also avoid dyeing or bleaching your hair a great deal to preserve its natural beauty. Try applying oil to your hair time and again as it tends to lose it natural moisture after some time.
Make a habit of maintaining your hair and face with natural home remedies as well as with good quality products. It is very important to take good care of yourself as looking good results in feeling good.


Designers had models wearing floor length dresses in shades of yellows, greens and blues this year. Models were sporting dresses in chiffon that glittered with sequins and sparkled with jewels.
There were also a great many dresses in shades of white, fawn and cream this year at the Fashion shows for 2012. Models were wearing fitted knee length dresses with sleeveless cuts. The concept of a sleeveless lace bodice that ended in a swirling chiffon skirt was also launched at the ramp. Many models were wearing ankle length dresses with thigh high gashes in the front and a deep revealing cleavage that gives one the chance to show off your collar bones.
Designers had models wearing caftan like chiffon gown that revealed a sexy pair of legs and created swirls and hues of yellow around you. The next set of models in the fashion show was seen wearing burnt orange gowns and dress. One particular dress that caught my eye had a deep rectangular cut with no sleeves and a pencil skirt that hugged your thighs snugly. The dress was finished off with a thinly orange metallic belt. The belt added sparkle to the dress. One model was sporting a halter neck heavily beaded and sequined dress that hugged your body all the way to your ankles and also brought out your curves in an appealing manner.
The next color that Fashion Designers had introduced this year was emerald green in both silk and chiffon. Some of the fabric used had a shimmery texture while the other had silver thread weaved in it. The designer had women wearing loosely fitted ankle length dresses with just a thin belt encircling their waist to enhance their figure.
While many designers have introduced their clothing lines keeping only summer Fashion 2012 trends in their minds, some have introduced clothing lines for winter’s collection too. Fur coats and checkered coats have been much encouraged by various designers. Man and women both have been seen wearing fur coats in shades of grey and dirty brown with golfer’s caps adorning their heads.
Plum and orange colors have been encouraged by designers in the fashion industry for this season. Similarly, models and fashion freaks have been asked to wear huge shades this winter in purples and browns etc. Neck ties and bows have also been worn by fashion freaks this winter with the start of 2012.


Hairstyles 2012 include some of the classic hairstyle such as ponytails, braids, curls and layers. Many women tend to get short haircuts while other wants to grow their hair to longer hair lengths. It is true that the hairstyle can be made beautiful by taking good care of original hair texture. Short hairstyles have never been out of fashion since ages because short haircuts look simple and elegant. Short hairstyles 2012 will give women a sport look without any worry of maintenance and styling. If you are an active woman who has busy routine and do not get time to style your hair then you are an ideal candidate of getting short hairstyles.
Bob cut and pixie cut were the most popular short hairstyles in the year 2011. Many celebrities were spotted wearing these haircuts at various occasions. It has been reported that celebrities believe that short hairstyles give them a positive reaction from their fans and the fashion experts. You can opt for bob cut or pixie cut to emphasize your facial structure and the cheekbones. Hairstyles 2012 for short haircuts are highly awaited. It is said that cropped pixie cut will be the choice of the majority of the women. But it is the hairstyle that does not suit everyone because it can suit those who have prominent cheekbones and short face structures. It is how the cropped pixie hairstyles 2012 can compliment the face of the wearer without giving them a boyish look. If you are willing to get this hairstyle then you can try wearing it with layered and asymmetrical cut. Your hair stylist can understand your demand and get you the desired hairstyles 2012.
There are many women who want to get medium hairstyles. It is suggested for them to opt for bob cut instead of short pixie cut. You can also add layers to bob cut to emphasize the overall look of the hairstyle. A more daring look can be acquired by getting a messy and tousled hairstyle with bob haircut. If you are a person who loves to wear sleek hairstyles then you must straight your hair with a flat iron and use appropriate hair products to get a perfect bob look.
Although year 2012 has not started still women are concerned about knowing the fashion trends of hairstyles. There are no specific predictions for next year’s hairstyles but it is believed that bob cut and pixie cut are too classic to get out of fashion. There are many others options of short hairstyles that can be selected. You can combine any of the short hairstyle with bangs to get a bold and well defined look. Punk hairstyles are also very trendy and can give the wearer an inspirational look. Like 2011, you can try to add different colors to your hairstyle.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Total Effects Refreshing Citrus Scrub


Top 5 Winter 2012 Trends

1. Faux-fur

Whether it’s a coat or vest, it’s hot. Just make sure it’s faux. Unfortunately, the biggest fashion victims are animals.
Try Forever 21 or your local Buffalo Exchange for chic faux-fur under $50.

2. Green Parkas

It’s the new black pea coat, and twice as warm. Pair it with a white circle scarf and brown lace up boots!
Stop into your local h&m, or shop online at Necessary Clothing for an affordable parka that’s warm and cozy. Want to spend a little more for extra warmth? Check out Aritzia and Madewell!

3. Leather

Jackets, pants, leggings…everything has been faux-leather this season. Try Target, h&m, American Apparel andExpress for a new chic “leather” wardrobe.

4. Chelsea Boots

Easy on, easy off. Need I say more? Check out Aldo and Steve Madden for a quality pair that will last for years!

5. Circle Scarves

Circle scarves are the perfect winter accessory . It’s warm and…you’ll never loose it! It stays put all day. Try Old Navy and Forever21 for a circle scarf under $12.

Hurry, there’s still time

Since many of these are temperature sensitive trends, head to your favorite stores now. Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner! Want to be a bit daring? Wear all these trends together like the girl below, you’ll be the life of the party…or the sidewalk!

Look Out for This Year’s Top Beauty Trends

1. Reverse-Ombré

Out with the old, in with the new. That’s right, light on top, dark on the bottom. We’ve taken advantage of the ombré, now it needs a vacation. Vamp it up by…reversing it!
Check out Salon Apprentice for an affordable colorist. Or stop into your local salon and ask if they have an apprentice with lower prices!

2. Matte Nails

We effortlessly change our nail polish colors with the season — brights for summer, pastels for spring, darks for fall and winter…but we always finish our manicures with a shiny top coat.
Now it’s time for something different: for 2012 it’s all about a dull flat finish. The matte top coat has been around for years, but it just hasn’t caught on until now. Just paint your nail with your go-to color, but instead of the usual shiny luster, top it with the $2 Matte Top Coat by eyes. lips. face! Have fun!

3. Cher Hair

Long , short, bangs, center part, straight, curly, wavy, blonde, red…it never ends, we’ll always be changing our hair, from its length to its color.
Celebs have been rocking soft waves for quite a few years — not any more. It all about pin-straight, long hair with a center part and amazing shine. Just like our trendy moms before us it’s time to take out the clothes iron *cough*…I mean flat iron.
Remember: Your hair is very fragile, always protect it with a serum before you put any sort of heat to it. I really like the Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum, only $6 at your local Wal-Mart or Target.

4. Slicked-Back Pixies

Short hair can be worn in so many different ways. Follow Emma Watson’s footsteps by going short and slick…tuxedo style! Try the Catwalk Session Series “Wet Look Gel.” About $14 at Ricky’s NYC

5. Burgundy Lips

2011 was all about bubble-gum-pink lips, but now it’s time for a change. Red will always be a classic, but dark red adds mystery to your look, and makes your skin tone pop!
Don’t have burgundy lipstick lying around? Put on your favorite red lipstick and then top it with a line of black eyeliner. Once you blend it together you’ll have a perfect dark red pout. Add more black eyeliner for an even deeper shade. Thumbs up if you have black lipstick laying around — It’ll be easier to blend.
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