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Saturday, 25 February 2012




This breakthrough daily body lotion gives you radiant, even-toned summer skin all year long just by moisturizing. Unlike other moisturizers, AVEENO® combines natural soy with a subtle colour enhancer to help even out skin tone and texture while gradually deepening skin's natural colour, for visibly healthy and natural-looking skin that's not orange or streaky. This fast absorbing lotion with rich emollients helps ensure even application and colour. And, the nourishing formula is also clinically shown to lock in moisture for a full 24 hours to leave skin soft and smooth all day long.

Additional Product Benefits: specially formulated for medium skin tones, lightly fragranced, non-greasy.

The Benefits of Soy
Scientists at AVEENO® noticed a curious fact: Asian workers in soybean factories who handled soy regularly had hands that were especially smooth and even-toned. That’s because soy offers multiple benefits inherent in its natural composition, including a rich source of protein, a rich mixture of lipids and carbohydrates — good for moisturization, combined with a mixture of various vitamins with antioxidant benefits.
The Science of Extracting Soy
In the past, refining whole soybeans would destroy many of the bean’s complex proteins and properties. AVEENO® scientists created a unique way to process the soybean to retain the naturally active benefits of the soybean. The AVEENO® patented soybean processing ensures minimal loss to heat or refinement, which provides a concentrated form of the whole soybean. AVEENO® Scientists then created a patented Total Soy Complex active soy, which captures the multiple benefits of the natural soybean for immediate and long-term skin benefits.
Only AVEENO® products carry ACTIVE NATURALS®* featuring Total Soy Complex and natural soy, clinically proven to help even out skin tone and texture while providing moisturizing protection.
Discover soy:
The secret for radiant skin.
  • Evens skin tone: AVEENO® early scientific research show exclusive total soy proteins work to reduce the appearance of blotchiness and discolouration.
  • Smoothes and softens skin texture: The soy in AVEENO® helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Makes hair softer, finer and less noticeable: Specific components of the naturally active soy in AVEENO® have been shown to improve hair softness and fineness, as well as skin tone and texture on face and body.
  • Moisturizes skin: Vitamin E is a natural component of soy with anti-oxidant properties, which helps to protect the skin from environmental stresses.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Anew Platinum Night Cream

Introducing the next generation of skin care for women 60 and beyond. A breakthrough so advanced, it reshapes anti-aging science! Platinum recaptures the look of youthful contours. THE BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY: Avon’s first-ever patented Paxillium Technology is formulated to boost the production of paxillin* by 60%.**

Drapes skin in a veil of plush softness. For best results, use nightly. 80% of women agree skin around the neck looks dramatically firmer.*** After 2 weeks, neck and jawline look more defined and sculpted; wrinkles appear dramatically reduced. After 4 weeks, the cheek area looks lifted and reshaped; dramatically reduces the appearance of sagging skin. Overtime, dramatically reshapes skin for a more youthful looking profile. 50 g

*Paxillin is a key protein that helps to retain the full, expanded shape of youthful skin cells and is found in lesser amounts in aging cells. **Based on invitro testing of Paxillium Technology on 3-D reconstructed skin. ***Among women who expressed an opinion in a consumer perception study. 

Product numbers: 073-590

Price: Reg. $45.00 $25.00
Best Savings Ever - save $20!
Buy online at Avon or find your nearest Avon representative!

"The Anew Platinum night cream will always be my favorite forever! It is not greasy, goes on very smoothly, lasts a long time and has a very nice smell. It actually smells like an expensive perfume! I wear it over the Anew Platinum Serum every night and my skin never feels tight or dry the following day."

Love to the Fullest by Reese Witherspoon Eau de Toilette Spray

A sensual blend of black cherry and evening primrose mingled with sandstone and cashmeran. oriental/floral. 50 ml

Product numbers: 059-369

Price: Reg. $30.00 $10.00
Lowest price ever! 
Shop ON-LINE at Avon or contact your nearest Avon representative!

"And yeah just don't ask me how addicted I am to perfumes, no, no, good perfumes indeed=D"

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Parissa Strip Free Hot Wax (Coarse) 4 oz.

Product view

Parissa Strip Free Hot Wax (Coarse) 4 oz. is for the face, brow & bikini.
  • Strip-free, natural formula with beeswax & azulene
  • Gently lifts away short, coarse hair for ultra-smooth skin
  • European solution for dark, thick or coarse hair
  • Use for stubbly upper-lip, chin or bikini hair
  • Melt wax
  • Smooth on evenly
  • Peel off
  • Results: Smooth soft skin for up to 8 weeks; gentle results for sensitive skin; finer, sparser regrowth.
Amazing results, takes a bit of practice and can be a bit painful if you're not used to waxing. But so worth it. A great product and again amazing results!!! LOVED IT :) 

About $8.99!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Glowing Skin: How to Even out Bad Skin Tone by: Brianne (Guest Post)

About the author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on beauty and health. Beside this she is fond of fashion. Recently an article on low cholesterol diet attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on high waisted jeans for her blog.

Do you have a bad skin or even acne? Then you are right with me. I have already suffered very long time with blemishes. In my youth, I had acne and my skin was suffering with no end to over 30. There is a lot of information on the subject on the Internet. But I'm tired of websites with inaccurate or insufficient information or pages just push a particular product as the alleged panacea.
I have decided to create a personal overview of how to rid of impure skin. The following guidance is based on my own experiences.

Step 1: Find a doctor
If you, only, have slightly blemished skin or were already at a dermatologist, you can simply skip this step. For me this is the first step, because it is important to receive a diagnosis of severe acne by a specialist. That does not mean you should now give up natural resources - the opposite! Natural methods to fight against skin impurities are essentially important in my opinion. They support the skin with their healing. They also help prevent the acne comes back after one example, certain prescribed drugs settles.
Conventional drugs such as antibiotics and gels (e.g. BPO) deal only with the skin on the surface. If you have acne, most likely something in your body is working properly. Natural methods can put the impure skin directly to the root.
A conventional treatment and nature to work very well hand in hand.

Step 2: Be gentle to the skin
In 99% of cases, acne is caused by something in the body is not working properly. Acne is not caused by dirt or improper maintenance. The first thing often affected when a pimple is formed, they resort to harsh chemicals lobes. You know what? This usually makes everything worse. If the skin is left alone, it usually makes a good job, they care about it.
Regular gentle peeling is also a great idea. But be careful if you have severe acne, and many inflammatory sites. Here you can exfoliate just the opposite: the bacteria are spread more. It is very important always, be gentle with your skin. Use only scrubs that are meant for sensitive skin. The products should not contain too rough and sharp-edged exfoliating grains. Check items carefully!
Take a week healing clay mask once. Sebum from the pores is removed by the clay, which is beneficial for acne, pimples and blackheads naturally. It also promoted the circulation of the skin, thereby improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Step 3: Treat pimples
If a single pimple particularly annoys us, we should fight him specifically. On the cosmetics market, there are countless products. Each must find his own preference. Many products from pharmacies or drug stores contain benzoyl peroxide (BPO) or salicylic acid. For me, these products were always sharp and dehydration. The good thing about natural remedies is that they usually have no side effects.

Step 4: Raising eat
A particular diet is not the cause of acne, but this may increase.
The diet can affect hormone production, increase blood sugar, or enrich the body of unwanted toxins. This in turn may promote the formation of pimples.
I know that this is certainly the hardest step to change something in the diet. Therefore, it is important to do this step by step. In addition, do not overdo it! Eat a balanced and healthy as possible, but treat yourself every now and again something that you just tastes good.
They should actually not come from a skin problem at an eating problem. Take the 90/10-Regel. Eat healthy and get 90% of 10% for pure enjoyment. If you eat consciously to clarify his skin that does not mean that eating more may not be fun.

Step 5: Relax
In the long period when I was struggling with acne and skin blemishes, I have found: Stress has a negative effect on the skin. Do not overlook the importance of a relaxed and stress-free lifestyle. This step can be just as difficult in many cases, such as the change in diet.
Each of us has come to its own path to peace. Find out what's good for you. Listen to music, read a good book, walking, yoga or just relaxing with a facial mask. If you find in your daily routine no place for relaxation, then you must create space for it.
Instead of sitting in the evening watching television, why not take something completely different that is fun and relaxed. Do it deliberately!
Example, you can turn off the light, candles, should give a few drops of relaxing essential oil in an incense burner and just relax for half an hour.
This does not only good for the skin, but also caresses our soul. Regular relaxation can eventually be self-employed, such as brushing your teeth. Make sure you indulge in every day moments of calm.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Maybelline SuperStay Liquid Foundation

SuperStay 24HR Makeup - Model Shot


  • Stays comfortable and looks naturally flawless all day
  • Micro-Flex formula provides 24-hour wear and no transfer
  • Withstands heat, sweat and humidity
  • Oil-free, dermatologist-tested, fragrance-free
  • Suitable for all skin types
SuperStay 24HR Makeup - Pack Shot


Apply smoothly and evenly to your face and blend with your fingertips. 

12 Flawless Shades


The question I get asked most is: “What Is Your Favorite Liquid Foundation, & Why?”
My answer has always been: “Maybelline SuperStay Liquid Foundation, & Because It Does What It Says.”
It does last a VERY long time, and I would recommend it. I’ve tried so many foundations, & this has to be my ultimate favorite. I go to school, come back and it’s still perfect! If you do have oily skin, I would recommend keeping oil blotting pads with you.
PROS: It stays on for a long time, withstands heat & sweat, Alright Coverage.
CONS: It’s a thick formula.
They have SO many different shades, so you can find which one is best for you! I use Classic Ivory .

Want to buy it?:
You can find it at any drug store, walmart, target, rite aid, walgreens, cvs, etc. for $8.94.


Super Stay 14HR Lipstick - Model Shot


14HR Lipstick with an ultra-lightweight formula:
 • Stays fresh, light, and comfortable
 • Super rich colour that lasts for 14 hours
 • Pigments are enveloped in a longwearing system
 • 20 long wearing shades 

Super Stay 14HR Lipstick - Pack Shot


Apply your lipcolour by starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lip.



Meet the 14HR lipstick that won't weigh you down.
Super rich colour with super staying power.
No dragging. No drying. No letdowns at all. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Caring for long hair takes a lot more time compared to caring for short hair or hair of normal length. Just washing and drying long hair can be quite a task in itself. Below are some tips on managing long hair.

Long Hair Care Tips
1)Avoid sleeping with tightly braided hair or hair in a tight ponytail. The stress can cause breakage and/or hair loss.

2)When your hair is braided, make sure that it is not too tight or it could cause breakage and/or hair loss.

3)If your hair is braided or you have a ponytail, use a specially treated band or scrunchie which will prevent breakage of your hair. Limit your use of clips, bows, and untreated bands.

4)Even if you plan on growing your hair out further, you should trim your hair once every 3 months, if not split ends will cause your hair to break off and your hair will begin to lose it's beauty. If you plan on just maintaining your length, a trim once every month and a half to two months should suffice.

5)Don't use a brush to detangle your hair, this will stretch your hair and may cause your hair to break off. Instead use your fingers, a pick, or a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair.

6)When detangling your hair work your way from the tips of your hair up to the hair roots. Work on detangling one section of your hair at a time and go in a downward direction.

7)Be gentle when detangling; pulling down on your hair too hard will cause breakage.

8)If you detangle your hair before washing it, it'll be easier to dry and style as well as decrease the knots and tangles after you are done washing your hair.

9)Don't rub your hair dry with a towell, instead blot the water out of your hair, when you rub, it'll cause your hair to tangle.

10)Hair can get caught on cotton pillow cases and break when you are sleeping especially if you toss and turn a lot when you sleep. Using a satin or silk pillowcase where your hair will make it so that hair will slide across the pillowcase without getting caught. Another tactic to prevent breakage is to put your hair up in a ponytail on the top of your head with a scrunchie or specially treated band (that prevents breakage).

11)An alternative to the silk pillowcase is to wear a satin or silk scarf over your hair before your sleep to prevent breakage.

12)Brushing your hair is important because it spreads the the hair oils out across the length of your hair. Use long strokes starting from the roots of your hair when brushing and stroke your hand over your hair after you are done brushing to get rid of static.


This short and easy to follow video tutorial is very helpful to get that natural and stylish everyday look for work or college.
I personally really liked it because its very easy to follow and tells all that we need to know for natural make-up.
Give it a try and leave your precious comments=)

Monday, 6 February 2012


Skin So Soft
When it comes to smoothing, softening and pampering, Skin So Soft is one of Avon’s best-selling brands. FromOriginal Bath Oil to Mineral Gems Body Scrubs and moisturizers, Skin So Soft has a product to keep your skin soft, smooth and luxuriously hydrated.

Use Skin So Soft for all of your bath and shower needs and discover the complete line of moisturizers, hair removal kits, and soothing hand softeners.

For super-soft, silky-smooth skin, make Skin So Soft your ultimate indulgence!

"Okay, so I didn't know what to expect when I bought this, but the price was so great I decided to take a chance. I AM AMAZED at how much I LOVE IT. I LLLOOOVVVE the shower gel. It really does smell great. I also really like the lotion. It is not thick and hard to spread, it's kind of liquid-y, but in a really good way. IT MOISTURIZES LIKE A DREAM. I put it on my dry legs after shaving and presto! They were smooth and well hydrated. The oil really locks in moisture if you apply when you are still wet from the shower. GET THIS DEAL. You will be smooth and soft as a baby's bottom--probably smoother. This is the second one I'm ordering because I want to make sure that I don't run out anytime soon..."

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Revlon PhotoReady™ Sculpting Blush Palette
Makeup artist inspired palette of 3 complementary shades to sculpt, color and illuminate cheekbones and create a multi-dimensional look 3-in-1 makeup artist inspired palette with highlighter, blush and contour blush adds color, sculpts and illuminates. Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to minimize flaws. Oil free, talc free, fragrance free, paraben free. Available in 4 shades.
  • Sculpt: Apply deeper contour shade below cheekbone to sculpt
  • Color: Apply blush on apples of cheeks to color
  • Illuminate: Apply highlighter shade above cheekbone to illuminate and add glow
Enhance those cheekbones!1) Apply deeper contour shade below cheekbone to sculpt 2) Apply blush on apples of cheeks to color 3) Apply highlighter shade above cheekbone to illuminate and add glow.

This compact is a great concept having blush, contour and highlighter all in one place. The colors aren't that pigmented, IMO, but I like my blush and contour light so I can build as needed. The blush gives a rosy flush and the contour isn't over the top brown so it looks natural and the highlighter is glowy without being sparkly. I gave it only 4 lippies because of the way the compact is designed. The colors are too close together at weird angles, so it makes it difficult to get your brush in each color and get enough product on it. This would have been better if there were 3 squares or rectangular strips of separated color for ease of use. I would buy this again, however. Just wish they'd change the packaging.


  • Buttery Balm + Shiny Color
  • Buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated.
  • Hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156%
  • Pampering gel formula provides super charged hydration and glides on lips buttery smooth
  • Sheer to medium colour with buttery shine
  • Available in 20 luscious shades
Starting with clean, dry lips apply your favorite shade of Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter onto lips. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter can be worn with or without Lipliner. Reapply as often as desired for softer, smoother and instantly hydrated lips!

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Coral Nail Polish
Mango Madness
Mod Mauve

Our Nail Polishes are back in stock and better than ever! Due to the new and improved formulation, the single nail polish price has increased to $2.

This color-lock formula with chip resistant shield gives long lasting color with high shine. The bristle design glides color on flawlessly, and quick dry formula gives perfect application every time. Key nutrients infused with Vitamin E for stronger, healthier nails.

Our formula is FREE of: Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).


e.l.f 11 Piece Brush Collection

Our Ultra-Luxe, Studio Brush Collection Set contains eleven of our Professional Makeup Brushes each one designed, tested and proven by a team of makeup artist pros to provide precision application every time. One of our most popular Makeup Brush Collection Sets, the Studio 11 Brushes are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand - with everything you need to create a flawless finish!

This Professional Brush Collection Set is ideal for any makeup artist at heart, at home or on the go. Perfect for traveling or for your busy, fast-paced lifestyle. Youll love how you can quickly grab and store any of the 11 Studio Brushes included without taking up a lot of space.

Our customers rave about what a time-saver these easy-to-use, easy-to-hold, and easy-to-love brushes are - whether going out for a night or going away for a week! And the Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection features a sleek, water-resistant case that holds and protects the full collection of beautiful, high-quality brushes. Talk about a great gift!

The Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection Includes:
  • Sleek, Water-Resistant Case
  • Eyeshadow "C" Brush
  • Complexion Brush
  • Small Angled Brush
  • Small Smudge Brush
  • Fan Brush
  • Powder Brush
  • Angled Foundation Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Small Precision Brush
  • Blush Brush
  • Contouring Brush
$30 ONLY
Buy online at eBay!


How high can your lashes take you? With new NYC New York Color High Definition Separating Mascara the sky’s the limit for a knock-down price. It smoothly separates and defines your lashes – without clumping – for a 360° wide open-eye look. So apply, step out and take that elevator all the way up.
·         Precision Lash Technology provides the ultimate combination: Up to 60% more length and up to 70% more lift
·         High-precision plastic brush separates and defines without clumping
·         360° wide open-eye look, instantly
·         Duo Play Complex with Panthenol and vitamin E strengthens and adds suppleness to your lashes
·         Flake-proof, smudge-proof, all-day flawless look guaranteed
·         Ophthalmologist tested
·         Suitable for sensitive eyes and lens wearers
·         Vitamins and conditioning agents for healthy-looking lashes.

I love this mascara!
Its really cheap to.
It doesnt clump and brings out my black lashes beautifly.
It seperates then and makes them look very even.

Only $4.99

Friday, 3 February 2012


Fashion designer Tory Burch Handbags 2012

Designers handbags can definitely show your amazing style. They can perfectly suit your image.
Designers handbags (like pictures, sculptures and so on) are wonderful creations of their designer, we can compare them with a real masterpiece.
Not every person can allow to buy these handbags because they are rather expensive. But all the people want to have a beautiful handbag which was originated by famous designers. And as everyone knows, the demand makes the offer.
Many companies make the exact copies of designers handbags. They are rather expensive if you compare them with usual handbags, but they are much more cheaper than original handbags.
Epithet “designer” associates with something exclusive and standing out of the total mass. Designer bags are chosen by women endowed with a refined taste and courageous enough to give a dare to everyday life, women who used to be in the spotlight and in the centre of events. They don`t need what others have, they need something special.
A skill to choose peculiar and bold accessories is a sign woman`s fashion- conscientiousness. The most ordinary outfit can be turned into a pattern of exquisite taste with the help of a designer bag.
In our fashion reviews we suggest unconventional, trendy and bold collections of designer bags. For example Michael Kors bags are things that always have defined personality. They combine bright colours, unexpected shapes and unusual images and therefore would fit cheerful and self-confident women, who do not feel shy to attract views and combine what seems to be incongruous. Masterpieces from Marc Jacobs, of an actual style plunge you into a charming romance of lovely days, creating the image of fragile femininity so rare in our days. Retro-lovers will appeal to "vintage" series by Fedora.
Designer Prada bags are practically universal. The are not only stylish and feminine, they are incredibly roomy and functional . They are just created for girls keeping up with the times, striving to see everything and manage to do everything. And those who are inspired by travelling around the world will enjoy the sunny and juicy Baiadera bags with prints, stylized to ethnic motives or handmade bags from Peru.
Each of you is special and inimitable. The best way to emohasize it - designer handbag, as if created specially for you.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Long Luscious Chocolate Layered Hairstyle with Full Bangs

Long and layered hairstyle with full bangs

Long Luscious Chocolate Layered Hairstyle with Full Bangs
This gorgeous hairstyle is the perfect style. Reminds you of a heroine in a movie or a movie star. The length is long without looking tired or straggly. The bangs are rolled just a bit. Curls are added for fun or a special occasion.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type: 
Oval, heart, square, round, long. Medium to thick density with some natural texture.
Love Paul Mitchell’s Volumizing Mousse. It smells great and not only gives you volume, but hold too!



Product Detail:
Glamorous skin is simple to achieve with the luxurious finish of this high coverage powder make-up compact. It’s perfect for all skin types and gives a flawless matt finish with a soft, subtle glow thanks to millions of miracle light reflecting particles. Choose your look by using it alone over moisturiser for a fresher base, on top of your foundation for a red carpet result or even as an all in one make-up for a groomed, glamorous glow.

Choose your Shade:

Makeup artist tip:
Work that 50’s seductive look with a slick of Colour Perfection Eyeliner in black along the upper lashes – wing out slightly to really enhance your eyes.

Buy online:


Product Detail:
The extended range of our Lip Tint pens showcases 5 vibrant new shades which use more intense pigment yet retain the same lightweight feel. You get all the colour without the sticky opaqueness of traditional lipsticks. The formula is water based and permeates the upper layers of the lips to create non-transferable layers of colour with depth and intensity that you build using the pen applicator.Get intense. Don’t get heavy.formula is water based and permeates the upper layers of the lips to create kissproof layers of colour. The handy pen applicator lets you contour and define then build depth and intensity, to create the perfect level of colour for you. So get intense. Don’t get heavy.

Choose your Shade:

Makeup artist tip:
Because these new Lip Tint pens allow you to precisely apply layers of colour you can mix and match and build up levels of different colours to create your own effect.

Buy online:

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara

What it is?
Get a blast of lush, volumized lashes! LashBlast's patented volume-boosting formula and patent-pending brush are designed to max out each and every lash, leaving you with the ultimate big-lash look. Now in waterproof, too! Test
What is does?
  • Instant volume and fullness
  • Smudge- and smear-proof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for contact wearers
This is the mascara that I repurchase over and over, and I have honestly gone through so many tubes of this stuff! This mascara makes your lashes so full and thick, and it's the best mascara for volume. It's better than any other mascara I've tried, even all the high end ones. The brush is really thick and the bristles are short. It can be hard to apply when you first start to use this. The formula isn't too runny or too thick, but some people say it works better after "storing" it for a few weeks. I don't find it to be different though. I use about two to three coats of this. If you're looking for a lengthening mascara, I wouldn't recommend this though. This is so affordable and you can get it at any drugstore, and it's my holy grail mascara.


DiorSkin AirFlash Spray Foundation
What it is:
An ultra-fluid mist foundation.

What it is formulated to do:
Delivers an "airbrushed" effect with precision and ease. Evens out skin tone and visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and skin irregularities.

Have been asked by friends what I wear for a foundation.
They know I wear something....but can't see the color. That's because HD blends so perfectly with my skin tone. I pump a little into the palm of my hand & add a touch of my moisturizer and blend....then apply. Goes on smoothly with no trace that I'm wearing foundation. Love it!!!!


A radiant and a healthy skin is something that everyone longs for. A healthy skin certainly brings out confidence in a person. In today’s time, not everyone is lucky to have a glowing complexion. Many people face skin problems like dull, rough and thick skin. All these are because of dust, pollution, stress, unhealthy eating habits and the changing weather conditions. There are many ways to improve Skin Complexion Tips. A few tips can be followed to get a healthy and glowing skin.

Tips to Improve Skin Complexion

Keep your skin clean-

Keeping your skin clean is a very important step to improve Skin Complexion Tips. A regular skin care will prevent dead skin and dust to clog the pores. Common skin problems like pimples, blackheads and acne can be prevented.

Well balanced diet-
The other way to improve Skin Complexion Tips is to have a healthy and a well balanced diet. A well balanced diet includes salads, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, cereals, dairy products and fish.

Drink plenty of water-
The secret behind a healthy and glowing skin is drinking plenty of water. Water helps in flushing out the toxins from the body as well as clearing the digestive system and preventing constipation. Every person should drink at least 8-9 glasses of water.

Moisturize your skin-
Moisturizing your skin helps in improving Skin Complexion Tips. Moisturizer is good for the skin as it keeps it supple and soft. Before going to bed, apply a skin nourishing cream as it helps the skin to rejuvenate. During night, the skin is able to absorb the cream and helps in keeping it hydrated.

Sufficient Sleep-
Every person should get sufficient sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours. As a healthy diet is important to improve Skin Complexion Tips, sufficient sleep is also important. Sleeping well helps to reduce wrinkles, stress and fine lines. All these are important for a healthy glowing skin.

Regular Exercise-
A regular exercise helps in keeping your body fit and active. Exercise helps in improving the blood circulation, muscle toning, as well as maintaining the oxygen level in the body. The skin cells get nourished and improve the Skin Complexion Tips.

Avoid using beauty products that are chemically laden. Instead use natural products that are skin friendly and can be easily found in your home kitchen. Below are a few home beauty tips to improve Skin Complexion Tips:-

Tip 1- Make a pack of honey, turmeric and lemon juice. These have bleaching properties in them. They not only help in removing tan but also lighten the complexion.

Tip 2- Take ½ cucumber and grate it with the peel. Squeeze out the juice and apply it on your face and neck with a cotton ball. This helps in removing the tan.

Tip 3- Make a pack of gram flour, curd and turmeric and add ½ tbsp of vegetable oil. Apply this pack on your body. Remove it after a couple of minutes by rubbing over it.

Tip 4- Applying yogurt everyday for 15 minutes before you bath, it is known to be one of the best home remedy to improve Skin Complexion Tips.

Tip 5- Take some milk, papaya, honey, and milk powder and make a paste. Apply this paste on your body and face. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it. Your skin will glow instantly.

Tip 6- Make a pack of yogurt, tomato juice and oatmeal. Apply this all over your body and then wash it off.

Tip 7- A pack of almond powder, sandalwood powder and milk helps to lighten darker areas of your body. Apply
this paste and gently massage. This will help you to improve your Skin Complexion Tips.

Tip 8- Make a paste of soaked almonds and milk. This paste should be applied in the night before sleeping and washed it in the morning.
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Hello there, I am Hijaab. Well, first of all, Welcome to my Blog and thanks for visiting. Lit bit about me is that I am a simple girl, just trying to maintain style with simplicity. So, the stuff I would be sharing will be more about looking stylish with simple yet trendy stuff. So, I hope, you will become my new friend by following my Blog and leaving comments, so I can follow you back! Cheers=D