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Saturday, 28 January 2012


Designers had models wearing floor length dresses in shades of yellows, greens and blues this year. Models were sporting dresses in chiffon that glittered with sequins and sparkled with jewels.
There were also a great many dresses in shades of white, fawn and cream this year at the Fashion shows for 2012. Models were wearing fitted knee length dresses with sleeveless cuts. The concept of a sleeveless lace bodice that ended in a swirling chiffon skirt was also launched at the ramp. Many models were wearing ankle length dresses with thigh high gashes in the front and a deep revealing cleavage that gives one the chance to show off your collar bones.
Designers had models wearing caftan like chiffon gown that revealed a sexy pair of legs and created swirls and hues of yellow around you. The next set of models in the fashion show was seen wearing burnt orange gowns and dress. One particular dress that caught my eye had a deep rectangular cut with no sleeves and a pencil skirt that hugged your thighs snugly. The dress was finished off with a thinly orange metallic belt. The belt added sparkle to the dress. One model was sporting a halter neck heavily beaded and sequined dress that hugged your body all the way to your ankles and also brought out your curves in an appealing manner.
The next color that Fashion Designers had introduced this year was emerald green in both silk and chiffon. Some of the fabric used had a shimmery texture while the other had silver thread weaved in it. The designer had women wearing loosely fitted ankle length dresses with just a thin belt encircling their waist to enhance their figure.
While many designers have introduced their clothing lines keeping only summer Fashion 2012 trends in their minds, some have introduced clothing lines for winter’s collection too. Fur coats and checkered coats have been much encouraged by various designers. Man and women both have been seen wearing fur coats in shades of grey and dirty brown with golfer’s caps adorning their heads.
Plum and orange colors have been encouraged by designers in the fashion industry for this season. Similarly, models and fashion freaks have been asked to wear huge shades this winter in purples and browns etc. Neck ties and bows have also been worn by fashion freaks this winter with the start of 2012.


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